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De La Salle University

The future begins here.

DLSU Students of Taft-Manila
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This community is for De La Salle University, located in Taft-Manila, Philippines.

Talk about what's going on at DLSU, advertise events, get to know other students, ask for advice, post other DLSU-related ideas, or simply rant about how much you love (or hate) our Alma Mater.

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The future apparently begins at DLSU. Does it?
Er, anyhoo, this is crazydanes, one of the moderators of the community.

Just a reminder: posts don't have to be DLSU-related; post about anything you want to. However, I reserve the right to delete posts that offend one's sensibilities. (My sensibilities, actually.) So no porn, crude language, etc etc.

Thanks. :)

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To new members:

Introduce yourselves by answering this:

1. Name
2. Course
3. What year are you? /or/ Are you an Alumni? Since when?
4. Why did you study at DLSU?
5. Have you ever regretted it? Why?
6. Favorite subject/s
7. Least favorite subject/s
8. Favorite teacher/s
9. Least favorite teacher/s
10. If you could change something in our school, what would it be?

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